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TRIKOMBIN – the trimensional system


Bioresonance at the highest level is called TRIKOMBIN

The robust computer with the Linux operating system offers all the known functions of bioresonance and the frequency application. You can control all Rife frequencies and Clark frequencies.

  • A Matrix-Discharge application device that is 5 times more powerful in its impact
  • A bioresonance device, which operates from 0.0000001 to 35 million Hertz
  • Three frequency generators with up to 65,534-fold modulation

Three application systems in one device

Harmonic Oscillation application according to Baklayan



A deep application that discharges the entire system of disharmonious and negative charges while the endogenous oscillations are harmonized.

Bioresonance Application

Bioresonance Application

With the classic bioresonance application the TRIKOMBIN is also a bioresonance device with inverse mode which operates from 0.000001 to 35 million Hertz.

Frequenzy Application

Frequenzy Application

Frequency applications according to Rife and Clark – thanks to the three modulating generators even at least three times stronger than conventional frequency generators/ Zapper.

Harmonic Oscillation Application According To Baklayan

Harmonic Oscillation Application According To Baklayan

After 15 years of research in the field of frequency applications natural health professional Baklayan in 2010 discovered that the energy system of the body and its functions exactly correspond to the harmonic laws handed down by the Pythagoreans.

The body and its meridian system as well as its chakras are structured just like any known musical instrument,

mathematically precise and harmonically beautiful.

This also includes its emotional, psychosomatic and mental structures.

More Information

Your advantages as a therapist

We are proud of our support – you are not left alone

  • Briefing via Skype
  • Free hotline with a therapist
  • DermaVit contact person available at any time
  • Free training possible
  • 4 weeks return policy
  • Direct finance available
  • The TRIKOMBIN is a generation device
  • Seminar day for TRIKOMBIN users

We offer you:
A free briefing by a therapist via Skype for half a day or just as long as it takes.
A free hotline with a therapist who is always there to help and advise you.
In our seminars provision is always made for half a day for TRIKOMBIN users with a competent therapist.
For service questions please contact our DermaVit team at any time.
If desired, you can be trained by a therapist for half a day, free of charge
If you are not satisfied simply return the device – 4 weeks return policy.
The TRIKOMBIN is a generation device. All changes can be uploaded to the device. Consequently, there is no need to buy newer models.


2015-01-14 16.08.54

Alan E. Baklayan

Natural health professional Baklayan conducted research in the field of frequency application for 15 years before he developed a device that not only offered an improved, all-encompassing treatment to the patient, but also saved the patients and the natural health professional himself from negative discharges of previous treatment options.
In addition to his naturopathy practice, he runs one of the oldest and most successful Kung Fu schools in Munich and teaches there.
In the course of his research, he also invented the Diamond Shield Zapper IE, which is a revolutionary among the portable and handy frequency devices.

No compromises:
bioresonance at the highest level is called TRIKOMBIN.


The software update 3.0 is out!

The free software update 3.0 with the following innovations:

  • Update of the Trikombin operating system to the latest version of Linux
  • Renaming of the levels according to a logical structure (analogous to the chakras)
  • Possibility to switch in the settings: whether the standard should be “on” or “clock” when starting
  • Self-defined user programs can now be stored without particular number sequence. They now start with “B” (Example B-0104, etc. …).
  • For the purpose of entering predefined user programs (e.g. from the manual) the database button does not have to be pressed previously.
  • Wobble duration is not adopted when changing levels. When changing within a level as from meridian to meridian it will, however, remain.