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Interview with TRIKOMBIN inventor Alan E. Baklayan 2017-04-12T11:50:45+00:00

Interview with TRIKOMBIN inventor Alan E. Baklayan

In this Interview with TRIKOMBIN inventor Alan E. Baklayan you can learn more about the development and the functionality of the TRIKOMBIN frequency device.

2015-01-14 16.08.54

Alan E. Baklayan

Alan E. Baklayan is not only a respected and successful health professional but also now runs one of the oldest and most prestigious Kung Fu schools in Munich.
In the course of his research in the field of biofrequence he developed the Diamond Shield Zapper IE in 2012 – a handy and affordable frequency device for everyone.
This is followed by the discovery of TRIKOMBIN – the revolutionary trimensional device that combines three forms of application and offers both the patient and the health professional unprecedented possibilities.
The origins and the career of this advanced device we learn in the following interview.

Chapter 0 - Introducing Mr. Baklayan

Chapter 1 - How did you get to develop the TRIKOMBIN

Chapter 2 - Matrix unloading therapy

Chapter 3 - Pythagoras

Chapter 4 - The 25 levels of being

Chapter 5 - Three devices in one

Chapter 6 - The effectivity of three generators multiplies

Chapter 7 - Ampoules

Chapter 8 - Applying the electrodes

Chapter 9 - How do patients react to the Trikombin?

Chapter 10 - Individualising each patient's frequency with one single test!

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