What is Matrix-discharge-procedure?

A discharge as therapeutic measure? – by Alan E. Baklayan

Our body and our psyche are overcharged.
This is known in many therapeutic methods, as for example in osteopathy, psycho kinesiology, and various biofeedback and awareness methods.
  • In osteopathy for example physical and psychological trauma are regarded as charges which are deposited as a blocked energy bubble in the tissue.
  • Also pathogens hold on to the body by electromagnetic adhesion, in other words, by negative charges.
  • This also applies particularly to environmental toxins which as slags (bubbles) which have a different charge than their surroundings, linger in the body as a depot.
  • This equally applies to electromagnetic pollution and other fields that are negative for health.
When I claim that we are overstrained, I literally mean it on every imaginable level. And there are all these unnecessary charges which ultimately lead to the body and the psyche being completely exhausted and not being able to process all these charges.

Then I thought for a long time whether it would be possible to turn the whole thing around completely and to discharge the patient without charging him with information for which he has no more energy to process it. Each of us has certainly already noticed that the longer a patient is in treatment with us, the slower the progress and lower the effects will be.

What would be necessary to directly discharge the patient?

I came up with the idea of using the radiation of patients. For 18 years I had been having the idea since I had seen a bio-tensor with its parabolic antenna for the first time that special antennas would have to be able to absorb and bundle the radiation of a human being.

In this regard I led many experiments and had to abandon the idea of the parabolic antenna that did not work so well, until I found a special antenna design that carried out this task to my satisfaction. The combined information I simply grounded.

Now I supplied the patients with the needed information, whether it was specific frequencies or ampules which I enhanced by means of specially modified frequency generators, through electrodes, but without a measurable current or electromagnetic field flowing. Now, the information is supplied as stimulation (positive energy) to the patient while the patient in turn represents the resistance (negative pole).

And now the trick is: the grounding, i.e. the neutralizing force is the grounded antenna. The tester is not a part of this process, and, since anyway no electricity or magnetic field is present, cannot be charged.

I then started to work with this new method by the hour every day in practice.

I want to emphasize that what follows next is my personal experience and makes no claim to applying as a general rule.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to emphasize at this point that this has nothing to do with bioresonance and bioresonance procedure.

As already mentioned, no current or electromagnetic fields are present and the patient is not supplied with any charges.

This all new procedure procedure, which aims at a discharge of the matrix at all levels, can be best compared with the radio technology, however, the patient is the transmitter and our Mother Earth the receiver. The whole is enhanced by a special antenna technology that acts like a vacuum cleaner. The equipment that we use for it therefore serves as an amplifier of the transmitter (patient).

Here my personal experience:
In the hours or if it was possible on the days in which I used only this method of testing, I had none of the symptoms and conditions that I had experienced with the usual testing.

I often, on the contrary, had the impression that I as well profited by the antenna effect of the discharge of patients.

When you come to the right idea, it’s that simple.