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What is TRIKOMBIN? There is such an innovation in the field of frequency actually? And what effect does it exactly have that application?

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In TRIKOMBIN not only one frequency channel is involved, but three, which can work together independently!

More Infos about TRIKOMBIN

Biography of Alan E. Baklayan

Who is actually behind the TRIKOMBIN? Alan E. Baklayan has advanced the frequency research with his revolutionary invention.

Biography A. E. Baklayan

What is Matrix-Discharge-Application?

The effective application that actually allowed it to discharge the patient directly without straining him or the therapist.


Harmonic oscillation application according to Baklayan

With the harmony doctrine of Pythagoras Alan E. Baklyan discovered that the former findings can also be applied to the present day.

Harmonic Oscillation Application

Harmonic Frequenzy application

With this method, both the patient and therapist are relieved, whereby a revolutionary innovation was created in the field of frequency application.

Harmonic Frequenzy application

Technical data of the TRIKOMBIN

Here all the technical specifications such as battery life or power consumption are given that you need to know. Also general technical data are listed.

Technical data

Interview with Alan E. Baklayan

In this interview, TRIKOMBIN inventor Alan E. Baklayan not only explains how the device works, but also how he came to this fabulous idea and his previous research.

Interview Baklayan