The new TRIKOMBIN TRANSFER PLATES for your TRIKOMBIN are designed to transfer any ampule information to the patient via the TRIKOMBIN Fractal/Tesla antenna without direct contact.

The application is very simple:

The TTP consists of three stainless steel plates, each with a recess for a patient ampule to which the TRIKOMBIN's frequency programs are fed. The cover caps serve as light protection, which proved to be absolutely necessary.

The plates are brought into contact with the fractal/Tesla antenna by placing one component exactly over each of two cassettes of the antenna belt. The three connectors are connected to the three output cups of the TRIKOMBIN.

Now any frequency programs as well as ampules can be tested and executed as applications. The ampules on the TTP are flooded with the harmonical frequencies and discharged according to the same principle that works in a patient application.

The TRIKOMBIN TRANSFER PLATE enables a procedure without direct contact to the patient and still allows you to use all the usual moduls of your TRIKOMBIN system, such as basic regulation, IAA, libraries and DTS® ampules, with high effectiveness.