Increase the effectiveness of your bioresonance therapy

Increase the effectiveness of your bioresonance therapy by 2- to 5-fold in just 5 minutes

Therapists are completely overwhelmed by the numerous possibilities of TRIKOMBIN.
But few people know that it takes exactly 5 minutes to transfer their previous complete therapy systematics to the TRIKOMBIN with ampules and body fluids without any change.

You will work (more quickly) than before
But your therapeutic effect is increased by at least two to five times.
This is already confirmed by many bioresonance therapists from all over Europe.

Very simply:
Because of the “patented triple signal and the special antenna” the information could penetrate three times as deep.

You only need to remember four-digit combinations (programs), enter and save them, put the ampules into the cup and press start.

The keyboard of the TRIKOMBIN is external.

Thus it does not have to be cumbersome to modify parameters in the program. Thanks to the illuminating keys you have everything at hand.
You do not have to consider A and Ai anymore. And there are many more advantages that make it easier to work in practice (touch screen, etc. …).

Try it at your most difficult cases. If you do not notice the difference in the first 4 weeks, simply return your device. We do not ask questions.