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Exploring the link between Aspergillus and Chronic Fatigue in Teenagers by Kathie Veall

Aspergillus is the most common genus of mold in our environment.We are all exposed to mold spores in the atmosphere, in food, in poorly ventilated houses, air conditioning units etcMycotoxins can be found on the mold spore and mold fragments, and therefore they can also be found on the substrate upon which the mold grows. Routes of entry can include ingestion, dermal exposure and inhalation.Some mycotoxins cause immune system responses that vary considerably, depending on the individual, the duration of exposure, the frequency of exposure and the concentration of the exposure. Read online

Results of a pilot study into the link between blood parasites and cancer and their successful treatment

It is a special experience for me to report today on the continuation of the research work about which I presented a paper last year.This research work, whose theme is the link between blood parasites and cancer, is largely based on the intensive research of two great scientists whom I must now respectfully mention and whom I should like to remember for they have made a very valuable contribution to man-kind and have, so far, not been recognised by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine. Read online

Results of treating intracellular infestation by Borrelia and other micro-organisms

Borrelia infection was originally regarded as an extremely rare disease caused by the spirochetes of Borrelia burgdorferi. It was thought, 30 years ago, that being bitten by a tick which was itself infected with spirochetes was the only transmission route. Read online