The trimensional system

TRIKOMBIN is a frequency device developed by natural health professional Alan E. Baklayan that combines three forms of application:


that is 5 times stronger in its action

Bioresonance application

that works from 0.000001 to 35 million Hertz

Frequency application

with up to 10,000-fold modulation

Benefits for patient AND therapist!

Due to the unique design of TRIKOMBIN and its mixture of three different applications Alan E. Baklayan created a device that brought innovations for both patient and therapist:

  • Patient

    The patient is not burdened with charges as previously, but his negative energy flows through an antenna directly into the ground.

  • Therapist

    The therapist thereby does not feel any negative charges any more, which the patient in the conventional forms of application emits and which strain the therapist as well and which are responsible for chronic fatigue and imbalance.