A experience report of health professional Alan E. Baklayan:

You might have noticed that there are three cups as input.

Each of these cups is linked with a special modified frequency generator. So we have three channels that can work independently or, most simply controlled by the software work together. So it is a combination of three information amplifiers, hence the name Tri kombin.

Why do we need three?
In my numerous attempts, I naturally began with one amplifier. At the point the whole thing started to work well, I have measured the therapeutic efficacy and compared it with other methods of application. The result was not bad but didn’t blow me away either.
At this point, I want to emphasize, of course, that the measurement of the therapeutic effectiveness is a pure trial and error, which is supported by electroacupuncture measurement. The rest is empirical experience (treatment time and state of the patient). Everything that follows now is my subjective opinion and does not claim to be correct. I invite all my colleagues who are at ease with bioenergetic test methods to verify my experiences.

At that time, we were working very intensively with modulated frequencies, and therefore I had the necessary equipment available. In one patient, in who I wanted to stimulate the immune system specifically against mycoses, I then made an attempt with two devices.

As a reminder:

Stimulate immune system specifically against mycoses:

  • T and B lymphocytes and RES ampules are in a cup
  • Saccharum album and methyl alcohol are in a different cup

So I tried it with the matrix discharge application and also checked the therapeutic effectiveness. This time I was completely swept off my feet when I noticed that it was already four times more effective than any therapeutic method known to me.

This made me very curious, and I wondered if this effect can be increased. So I even connected a third device and in the third cup I put the mycoses ampules myself:
During my testing the effectiveness of application reached the 10 to 21-fold of my previous experience.
You read right: up to 21-fold.
Even with the most conservative estimates, according to my opinion, it is five times as effective as my previous experience.
You can slowly imagine my excitement.

Explanatory model:

Of course I tried to explain these phenomenal successes to myself. It seems to be as if each of the generator of the Trikombin acts as a kind of amplifier.

  • Frequency regions of the body, which act as resistor, are enhanced. Through the first channel (electrode), the first layer of the body is broken and opened.
  • Following the same principle, then the information from the second channel (second electrode) is able to penetrate deeper, until it encounters a second resistor and opens it as well,
  • whereby the information, which are amplified by the third channel (third electrode) can penetrate even deeper and come across the third resistor of the body.

Incidentally, I found out that the three amplifiers have to be in a specific intensity ratio to each other, that means, you should not amplify with the same intensity. Only by this, these incredible depth effects were achieved.
But you do not need to worry about it. The software performs this task with an automatic setting for you. Of course it is possible to change this setting manually, as required.

Now what options do we have?

Let us say, you have tested the elements in a patient and today you want to start with the wood element, because his liver meridian is disturbed.

First cup: “element wood” ampule from the test tray “5 Elements”
Second cup: “liver” (meridian) ampule from the test tray “5 Elements”
Third cup: “liver” (organ) ampule from the test tray “Filter Organ Human

Now we are amazed, dear colleagues! Through this new opportunity we can treat the element, its meridian and organ level at the same time. Can you imagine the time savings, coupled with an incredible deep effect?
You want to treat a group of pathogens:

First cup: liver organ
Second cup: liver section
Third cup: mold toxins that have been tested on the liver

You want to specifically treat pathogens and heavy metals on an organ.

First cup: liver
Second cup: mycoses
Third cup: heavy metals

You want to accomplish a deep cleaning on the organ level:

First cup: liver meridian
Second cup: liver organ
Third cup: the patient’s own blood!!!

You want to treat parasites, bacteria living in the parasites, the viruses that live in the bacteria.

First cup: parasites
Second cup: bacteria
Third cup: viruses

Cancer application

First cup: concerned organ (for example breast, liver, prostate etc.)
Second cup: ampule with cancerous tissue (for example adenocarcinoma/ breast)
Third cup: nitrosamines or malonic acid or metals etc.

Focus application

First cup: affected organ (for example sinus, tooth)
Second cup: focus ampule (sinusitis, tonsillitis etc.)
Third cup: bacteria

You want to treat pathogens and at the same time specifically activate the immune system against these pathogens by freeing them from the corresponding pollutants (3 options):

First cup: T and B lymphocytes and RES
Second cup: benzene, benzopyrenes, saturated fatty acids
Third cup: viruses

First cup: T and B lymphocytes and RES
Second cup: ammonia, isopropyl alcohol
Third cup: bacteria

First cup: T and B lymphocytes and RES
Second cup: nitrosamines, phosphoric acid
Third cup: fungi

Detoxification application

First cup: meridian
Second cup: organ
Third cup: slags or environmental toxins


These are just a few ways that we have. You can easily see that you can treat “everything that fits together” at once. You can think of many other possibilities. By the way not all cups have to be filled. Even if only one cup is filled, it is very easy to treat. Still all three amplifiers should operate. This is how this incredible depth effect is achieved.