Trikombin Software Update 6.0.0#6

Please note

  • You should allow about 10 minutes for the update.
  • your licenses, custom programs and settings will not be overwritten by the update.
  • The update should only be performed if the batteries are at least half charged. You can also perform the update during the loading process.

Download Update

Here you can download our latest update for the TRIKOMBIN - Software Update 6.0.0#6:

Installation instructions

    • Copy the files "trikombin_sw_update.5_0_0_26.7z" into the root directory of a USB stick. The root directory should not contain any other files ending with ".7z".
    • Plug the USB stick into the socket provided on the Trikombin device. It is located under the encoder. Switch the Trikombin device off and on again.
    • Wait at least about 15 seconds (the Trikombin takes a few seconds to insert the USB stick). Press the "Maintenance" button on the touch screen. The "Maintenance" dialog box appears. Click on "Update firmware...".
    • After a few seconds the message "A newer software version is available. Would you like to update now?" Confirm with "Yes".
    • After about 45 seconds the device restarts automatically. Under certain circumstances, the message "Incorrect archive file" may be displayed shortly before the archive is started.
    • Switch off the unit.
    • Verify the installation

    Previous Software Version 5.0.0#26